CHEB - Business

This module is designed allow students to become familiar with the principles underlying the structure and property relationships for a range of engineering materials. Material selection and the combination of materials utilised is key to ensuring that products are robust and fit for purpose. Background knowledge gained in the Level 4 module, An Introduction to Materials, would be an advantage, but not essential.

Physical principles will be explored in terms of crystalline structures and molecular formation of metals, polymers and ceramics. These principles will be illustrated by the use of these materials in a range of structural and industrial applications. The processing of materials in order to tailor and optimise their performance will be studied and evaluated against key product criteria.

Learners will apply the theory learnt in relation to material selection, processing and combinations to case studies. These will be case studies of their choice, but will still meet the given parameters that ensure the learning outcomes have been met.

Failure to select and process the correct material, can at worst case, lead to catastrophic failure which in turn will impact productivity, cost, safety and in cases the environment. Engineers are required to include the material considerations within design and production to allow for the product service life and durability.

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