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IMPORTANT: A message to all our students

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IMPORTANT: A message to all our students
by Edward Talbot - Thursday, 28 January 2016, 4:46 PM

A message to all our students:

Following the disturbances in the Town Centre recently we are working closely with our partners in the Police, the Borough Council and The Mall to ensure the College and the Town are safe places to be for our community and over the last couple of days you will have seen an increased police presence on the campus and in the town in response to these incidents which have involved a number of students. 

Anti-social behaviour like this is unacceptable for any student of Blackburn College and to ensure that we can be certain that only Blackburn College students are on our campus, all students are being  reminded to wear their College lanyards and ID badges at all times.  We will be embarking on daily badge checks with colleagues from Security imminently and those who are not wearing a badge can attend the Hub for a day badge or, should they refuse, they will not be allowed onto campus or into classes.

Police are actively analysing CCTV footage to identify those involved in the disturbances in the Town Centre and on campus.  Where any person is identified as a student at Blackburn College, the student will be subject to the student Disciplinary Procedures within college; parents, carers and employers will be involved where appropriate and if the case is proven that the student engaged in antisocial behaviour they risk being excluded from College, as has happened earlier this year.

On behalf of all the staff at Blackburn College we appreciate your support in keeping our campus, your fellow students and our town a safer place.

Many thanks,

Tracy Stuart

Vice Principal Curriculum and Quality