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Tick Tock Creative Workshops

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Tick Tock Creative Workshops
by Irfan Patel - Tuesday, 1 November 2016, 4:40 PM

The Tick Tock Workshops are an opportunity for young people to get hands-on and creative using laser cutters, computers and electronics, as well as more traditional methods to make a series of objects on the theme of time.

The workshops are open to young people age 14 and up.  The emphasis is entirely on making and doing.  No prior experience is necessary. Enthusiasm and a little imagination are all people need to bring.

Experienced artists, designers, makers and doers will lead six sessions where participants will be inspired to design and create a different object each week and take it home with them afterwards.

Sessions will cover prototyping, digital manufacture, electronics, computer programming and graphic design.  We will use RaspberryPi, Arduino, AutoCad, laser cutters, CNCs.

As well as being fantastic opportunity to learn from industry professionals, this is a great introduction to the wider programme and a chance to engage young people at the amazing new Making Rooms.

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